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What is Community Conex

Community Conex is an app developed to build a community of support and provide the information necessary to access local resources. It is free, usable offline, and informative. You can download the app and use the questionnaire to narrow down your likely resources or simply use the database to search for programs and agencies that assist with mental health, health, and addictions in the SD&G area of Ontario. 

Who are Varrette Counselling and Consultation

Varrette Counselling and Consultation are a group of trained professionals who provide mental health and addiction treatment/ consultation to clients, families, and other professionals. We are committed to providing excellent customer service, psychotherapy, and detailed consultation to whomever requires our services. One of the unique ways that we provide service is through innovative technologies and techniques. We are constantly striving to provide psychotherapy, service navigation, and consultation in bold new ways. 

For example, we are currently providing psychotherapy through a variety of online means (email, text, video, etc.), supporting the creation of Community Conex, offering private mental health and addiction case management and therapeutic role-playing game groups. As we continue to grow and serve the community we live in, we will build new and engaging methods of psychotherapy and service consultation. Feel free to drop us a line to discuss further details. 

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Community Conex 

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