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Community Conex Application

The Community Conex application was created to assist anyone with navigating different local community resources. Although the organization offers private services, the application is an excellent resource to search through for assistance with accessing essential services in the SD&G area. Feel free to download it and gives us feedback. We always look for new resources to add to the application to assist with the community. 

The Community Conex app is completely free, and after download the program is fully functional without the need to be connected to the internet. Individuals and family can use it to connect with services ranging from food banks to crisis hotlines. 

Private Psychotherapy

Community Conex provides exceptional and in-depth therapy to those in need. Our services cover a wide range of mental health and addiction issues including, but not limited to: bereavement, personality issues, chronic pain, life transitions, self esteem, anxiety, addictions, depression and relationship issues. Services are provided to individuals, couples, and families. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your issues or questions, and help connect you with the service. Fees for service and insurance coverage can be discussed as well. 

An example of our service could be an couple seeking private therapy to work on recent interpersonal issues within their partnership . Our friendly intake staff would call the couple back and book an appointment usually within a week. 

Private Mental Health, Addictions, and Developmental Case Management

Care providers and individuals suffering from difficulties can find the system challenging to engage with and navigate. Community Conex can provide a pay for services to assist with system navigation and advocacy. Some examples include the provision of risk assessment, system navigation, and consultation for individuals, couples, and families in the areas of Mental Health, Addiction, and Developmental issues.

For example, a family caring for their son who has a diagnosis of schizophrenia would benefit from a private psycho-bio-social assessment and risk analysis to present to other professionals. A coordination of services and advocacy between psychiatry, a family doctor, and other health care providers would assist in obtaining a specific and coordinated care plan for the client and family. 

Roll for Recovery - Therapeutic Gaming

The Roll for Recovery program engages individuals with the intention of providing therapeutic services using the medium of role-playing and / or board games. Simply put, therapeutic gaming is gaming with intention. It is a balance of engaging players in play to increase concentration and participation while providing psycho-education and therapy within the medium.


The program regularly hosts game nights with board games that have a therapeutic value and table top role-playing games with psycho-therapeutic goals and objectives. Feel free to contact us to discuss hosting an event or joining a role-playing game. Some examples of the types of systems that we have used are Dungeons & Dragons, Pugmire, and No Thank You Evil.    


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Community Conex 

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