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Current research, articles, and websites relating to overall health, wellness, and programs.

Welcome to Community Conex

Community Conex is an organization that strives to provide the highest level of quality programs and services to our local community. We offer a variety of specialized and enhanced services in the areas of mental health and addictions. Some of the programs include individual, couples, family, and group private psychotherapy, therapeutic gaming groups (Roll for Recovery), and private case management for mental health and addiction issues. As of September 1st, 2021, Community Conex is proud to offer Clinical Consultation and Supervision for clinicians and practitioners. 

Community Conex represents the concentrated effort of a group of psychotherapists coming together to provide innovative therapeutic practices that transcend traditional models of care. We are always growing and looking for new ways to support those seeking services for mental health and addiction issues. Please feel free to review the different private payment services we offer below and / or contact us directly for more information. We are more than happy to provide information as needed. Please feel free to review our services and information pages using the menu above.  


The organization recognizes the difficulty associated with navigating the current mental health and addiction services in our area and has created a smart phone application which lists local free resources. Please feel free to download the application and gives us feedback on this site below. 

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01-September-21: Now offering clinical consultation and supervision services to clinicians and practitioners.    




Services and app provided by Community Conex 

Current research, articles, and websites relating to overall health, wellness, and programs.

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Tel: 613-262-1534

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